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Fully Managed Link Building

How we build links that make a difference.

With Ranktis we take great pride in the links we build. We have worked hard on our processes and quality controls to ensure we only acquire links that will make a difference. 

In this article, we will tell you exactly what we will do when you become our client. The tasks we will perform, how we do these specific tasks and how they help you to increase your traffic.

To be upfront with you we aren’t a budget company, great quality comes with a price. We currently charge $2500(ex VAT) for 10 links. With every extra link add $250.

Because we take great care of our clients we are limited to the number of new clients we can take on. 

At this moment, we only have two spots available. So please read this page, and if you are interested send us an email. 


After you send us your inquiry, we will send you a questionnaire. These are questions about your previous link-building efforts, your expectations, goals, and several others. 

After reviewing these questions we will inform you if and when we can start working together. We only take 2 new clients a month so spots are limited.

Setup Reporting Dashboard

We will set you up with AgencyAnalytics. We use this to track the performance of your website and for reporting.

Google Analytics & Search Console

We also need you to add us to your Google Search Console and Google Analytics. 

These will give us a better insight into your website performances and potential quick wins.

Setup Gmail accounts

We will set up two Gmail accounts that we use in the outreach process. We will register these as personas of your company. We do this because it is much easier to get links as a business owner instead of as a link builder. 

We also start the warmup process for these Gmail accounts. 

Warming up an email account is necessary to improve the open rate and it lowers the chances of our emails going into the spam folder. We use Gmass email warmup for this.

Backlink and Anchor Text Audit

With the backlink audit, we will analyze your backlink profile and look for the quality links you have and also the links that can hurt your rankings.

We check your anchor texts distribution. Most websites that have problem ranking(even when they have quality links) have an over-optimized anchor text profile.

If this can’t be fixed within a few months of us building links, we will acquire pillow links for you.

These pillow links are more common links that are easily acquirable and are built to fix your anchor text distribution.

Content Audit

In our vision getting search engine traffic is all about getting quality links pointing to quality content

We will audit your content and look for linkable assets. These are pages that will attract links out of their own but need a bit more promotion/new links to get traction.

Examples of linkable assets are:

  • Infographics, Gifopgrahics, and Mapographics
  • Online tools and calculators
  • Awards and rankings
  • Studies & Research
  • Guides and Tutorials

If you don’t have any content considered a linkable asset, you can develop this content in-house. We can support you with the ideation of these assets and SEO tasks that are involved in this. If we have to develop the asset, we have to charge extra.

 If you don’t want this or don’t have the budget for this, we will work with your current content.

Competitor Analyse

The most loved websites by Google are the top rankers. That is why we do competitor research. We will look at the following and more;

  • Quality links
  • How they are acquired
  • How we can acquire them for you
  • Anchor text distribution
  • Content analyses

We do a content analysis/comparison for the keywords you are targetting. If for example the top 5 keyword competitors have over 1000 words on their page, and you just have 100, the chances of your ranking for that keyword are not so high. 

The main reason we love to do competitor analysis is to discover the links they have. This is the basis of every link-building plan

Prospecting Stage

Prospecting is the process of acquiring link targets for your link-building campaigns. 

Above we already described the way to find links by competitor analysis (link intersect). But we also want to find additional link prospects, to acquire a competitive edge.

One way we do this is with Google Search. We search for your keywords or related keywords and we go through the Google results. 

We are aiming to find niche-relevant websites

Niche-relevant websites are websites that have an audience that could be interested in your website. If your website is about football shoes, a niche relevant website would be a website about Football, sportswear, etc.

Quality Checking

The websites we gather during our prospecting stage, we put through a quality checking process before we reach out(email) them. We quality check the websites on the following criteria:

  • Niche Relevance 

Making sure the website is niche relevant to yours is the most important criterion to check. Yes even more important than DR or anything. Why? Because a super niche relevant backlink will always perform better than a high DR link. So this is the first criterion to check.

  • Domain Rating(DR)

This is a metric developed by Ahrefs and gives you a quick overview of the backlink profile a website has. Typically we will not build links on websites with a DR lower than 30. We only do this when the website is exactly matching your niche.

  • Traffic

We only acquire links from active websites that actually get search engine traffic themself. So we won’t build links on websites with less than 500 visitors. Also, we like to see the traffic increasing. This means they are actually working on their website, so the quality of your backlink will go up.

  • No Google Penalties

The website shouldn’t have had any Google penalties. Why? Because if they had they probably did something wrong in the eyes of Google and this could happen again. In our vision, if a website didn’t have a penalty for two years, it cleaned up its act, and is good to get a link from. 

  • No Bad Links

Typically the website shouldn’t link out to gambling, adult, or viagra websites. But this also depends on the size and age of the link. If a DR70+ website with over a million visitors a month has one or two gambling outbound links, it is fine to get a link from them.

  • Outbound Links

We want to keep the number of outbound links on the page to a minimum. Having a high number on this dilutes the link juice. A few high authority websites are fine, but not too many.

  • Internal Links

The website should have good internal linking structures. We want more than one internal link to the page. We will insist on this when we do outreach. If they can’t promise this, we won’t build a link there.

Outreach Stage

For every link target, we will acquire the contact information. We email the owners with personalized emails from the email accounts we have set up.

The flow of this email is different for every kind of link we will build. Pitching a guest post idea is totally different than asking for a broken link replacement.

Follow Up

If we do not get a reply from the website within a few days we will craft a personalized follow-up email for each link target.

Link Placement

When the website owners agree to place our link, we start working on the content in case of a guest post. After our writers finished the content, we ask the website owners to place the content.

With link insertions, we will pick the pages that best fit the niche/subject of your page. Alter the text for the website owner and get the placement.

In the above two options, we have control over the anchor texts. When we ask for a broken link to be replaced or your link to be added to a resource page we can make suggestions, but can’t push hard. 

Monthly Reporting

Once a month we will send you a report with the links we have built and other work we have done for you. We do this with Agency Analytics. You can use Agency Analytics as a dashboard to monitor your website performance.

But please keep in mind, that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. You will see some fluctuations in rankings and traffic, but you can’t judge that on a daily basis. Look at the bigger picture and see what the website does on a 6-month basis

Lost Link Reclamation

When your website has acquired a great number of links over time, sometimes websites drop your links. We will monitor this and if it was a quality link, we will reach out to the website owner and ask them to put the link back online.

When there aren’t any costs of content or link placement involved, these links won’t count for your monthly plan. 

Unlinked Brand Mentions

When your website acquires more authority, more people will write about your website and your brand, but not always add a link. We setup a Google Alert
so we get notified when someone names your brand and if they didn’t link, we will reach out to them to ask for it.

Contact Email

We are building links for you and it’s normal that you have questions about our work. You will get a my personal email address and only have to deal with me. When the questions aren’t urgent, we will typically reply to them at the end of the afternoon. 

Type of links we build

We develop an article that is a bridge between the website’s niche and your website and place your backlink in it. Content has a minimum of 1000 words. 

We place your backlink in an older article. This article is already crawled and indexed by Google and ideally has some page-specific backlinks and/or social proof(likes).

  • Linkable Asset Links

When and if you have linkable assets we will reach out to possible interested websites and suggest to link to your asset. These are super high-quality links, but the costs of developing a linkable asset are higher than regular content. 

  • Lost Link Reclamation

We monitor the links you already have and whenever you lose a quality link, we will email the website owner and ask for a replacement. As long as we only have to email them for a replacement, these links won’t add up to your monthly link budget.

When your website acquires more authority, more people will write about your website and your brand, but not always add a link. We set up a Google Alert so we get notified when someone names your brand and if they didn’t link, we will reach out to them to ask for it.

  • Directory Links

We will discover and acquire high-quality directory links. These can be local or niche-specific directories or are directories that are high in authority. These links show Google you are trustworthy and especially in country-specific SEO cases, these links are mandatory to rank.

DR50 Average Guarantee

We are so confident and proud of our service, that we guarantee that the average of our links is at least DR50. This ensures you we build links that will make a difference.

We will keep on building links until we reach this number.

~Unlinked brand mentions and lost link reclamations not included~ DA or DR50 average.

Pricing and Terms

We charge a fee of $250(ex vat) per link with a minimum of 10 links. So the minimum total price is $2500 (ex VAT). We are not interested in one-off clients, because then our links won’t make a real difference. All the costs for the links are included in this price.

We accept payments through Payoneer, Stripe, or direct deposits to our bank account.

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