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Managed Outreach Link Building

Here Is The Perfect Solution If You Want To Outsource Your Link-Building

Did you know that more than 79% of all SEOs say that link-building is the most important part of their SEO strategy?

Here is the problem you face; link-building is the most important and hardest part of an SEO strategy, but
it uses up a lot of your manpower and other resources.

Which means you are overspending on your costs per link. Your team doesn’t have time to work on their
own expertise. This trickles down in the loss of organic traffic and the money you earn.

Luckily for you, there is now a solution. Let me introduce you to managed outreach link building,
our brand new offer that gives you the high-quality links that you need to rank and your team the
time to work on their own expertise.

Case Study – Digital Marketing Link Building.

  • 40+ Links
  • Average DR56
  • Highest DR83
  • Lowest DR28 (niche specific)
  • From 109 to 3300 visitors in 3 months.
  • 380% increase in ranking terms.

~Read more about this case study here.

Monthly Packages

~ Satisfaction Guarantee ~

Why Us?

  • Only Authority links so you don’t pay for low-quality links anymore this means your organic search traffic will grow.
  • White-label reporting is available so you don’t spend time copying/pasting all the information this means you have more time for your other tasks(or we just fill in your reports).
  • Only pay for niche edits and guest post links so you can save time and money on not having to do outreach for link reclamation, and unlinked brand mentions this means your team is free to take on extra work.
  • English native writers so you won’t get backlinks from badly written content this means your contextual links will be of higher quality.

What happens after you signed up?


After you signed up, we will send you a questionnaire. These are questions about your previous link-building efforts, your expectations, goals, and several others.  After reviewing this questionnaire, we will (if needed) ask follow-up questions. We do this, so we can better understand your niche, your goals, and ambitions.

Target List

We send you a request with the target URL’s you want to target, together with the desired anchor texts. If you want us to do this for you, we will send you our link-building plan for now and the following month.


We start prospecting websites that could be possible quality link candidates for your website. We use several techniques to find these websites. A few of them are; Google Search(Googling your keywords), Googling “best niche blogs”, and Link Intersect with your competitors and with your keyword competitors.

Link Vetting

The prospects we find will be put through our very tight link vetting process. We can only build quality links that help your rankings if we place your backlinks on quality websites. At the bottom of this page, you can find our link vetting process.


We will reach out to the quality websites we have found. This can be through email, socials or even calling the website owners. If they are positive about our offer, we will start coming up with article topics for guest posts or selecting the best page to get a link for in the case of a niche edit.

Content Development

When the website owner has accepted our article topics, we will write a content brief for the writers. After the writer has written the article we will perform an extra grammar check. Do on-page optimization, place your backlinks with the desired anchor texts and send it to the website owner.

Placement Check

When the website has placed our article, we again perform some checks. Are the anchor texts do-follow? Is the page indexable? Are the images and videos imported correctly? If we are happy with the article and the placement, we will add the backlink to our backlink report and send it out to you, when the total order is finished.


We prefer to have our communication done through email. We can however if you request that set up a slack channel for communication. Mind you to say we will only respond to non-urgent messages around twice a day.

Monthly Link Building Report

When we have finished our monthly link-building, we send you the report. This can be our report, a white label report or we fill in your report. Also, we will give you recommendations for the next month.

Also, we give you a monthly report about the lost link reclamations and unlinked brand mentions we have built for you. These are free of charge and are extra on top of your requested links.

Report Examples

Guest Posts Vs Niche Edit 60/40

This ratio is based on a 6-month average. Doing a 60/40 ratio every month will make your link profile look unnatural. That’s why we will change this link ratio monthly but the average of 6 months will be approx 60/40.

Link Vetting Process

To ensure we build you links that will make a difference in your rankings, we put our links through a strict link vetting process. This is the standard process we use and we can fit this process to your specific needs.

Quality Checking

The websites we gather during our prospecting stage, we put through a quality checking process before we reach out(email) them. We quality-check the websites on the following criteria:

  • Niche Relevance 

Making sure the website/page is niche relevant to yours is the most important criterion to check. Yes, even more important than DR or anything. Why? Because a super niche-relevant backlink will always perform better than a high DR link. So this is the first criterion to check.

  • Backlink Profile

We analyze the backlink profile of the website. We do not place links on websites with only low-quality links. Extensive links from bad websites (adult or gambling etc) or websites with a lot of foreign anchors text links.

  • Domain Rating(DR)

This is a metric developed by Ahrefs and gives you a quick overview of the backlink profile a website has. Typically we will not build links on websites with a DR lower than 25. We only do this when the website is exactly matching your niche.

  • Traffic

We only acquire links from active websites that get search engine traffic themself. So we won’t build links on websites with less than 750 visitors a month. Also, we like to see the traffic increase. This means they are working on their website, so the quality of your backlink will go up.

  • No Google Penalties

The website shouldn’t have had any Google penalties. Why? Because if they had they probably did something wrong in the eyes of Google and this could happen again. In our vision, if a website didn’t have a penalty for two years, it cleaned up its act, and is good to get a link from. 

  • No Bad Links

Typically the website shouldn’t link out to gambling, adult, or viagra websites. But this also depends on the size and age of the link. If a DR70+ website with over a million visitors a month has one or two gambling outbound links, it is fine to get a link from them.

  • Outbound Links

We want to keep the number of outbound links on the page to a minimum. Having a high number on this dilutes the link juice. A few high-authority websites are fine, but not too many.

  • Internal Links

The website should have good internal linking structures. We want more than one internal link to the page. We will insist on this when we do outreach. If they can’t promise this, we won’t build a link there.

  • Content

We manually check the website content on formatting, the use of images and videos and if the content is grammatically correct(Grammarly) and of high quality.

No Charge Features

Lost Link Reclamation

When your website has acquired a great number of links over time, sometimes websites drop your links. We will monitor this and if it was a quality link, we will reach out to the website owner and ask them to put the link back online.

When there aren’t any costs of content or link placement involved, these links won’t count for your monthly plan. 

Unlinked Brand Mentions

When your website acquires more authority, more people will write about your website and your brand, but not always add a link. We set up a Google Alert so we get notified when someone names your brand and if they didn’t link, we will reach out to them to ask for it.

When there aren’t any costs for acquiring these links are involved, these links won’t count for your monthly plan.

Type of links we build

We develop an article that is a bridge between the website’s niche and your website and place your backlink in it. Content has a minimum of 1000 words. 

We place your backlink in an older article. This article is already crawled and indexed by Google and ideally has some page-specific backlinks and/or social proof(likes).

  • Lost Link Reclamation

We monitor the links you already have and whenever you lose a quality link, we will email the website owner and ask for a replacement. As long as we only have to email them for a replacement, these links won’t add up to your monthly link budget.

When your website acquires more authority, more people will write about your website and your brand, but not always add a link. We set up a Google Alert so we get notified when someone names your brand and if they didn’t link, we will reach out to them to ask for it.

Monthly Packages

~ Satisfaction Guarantee ~

Frequently Asked Question

With genuine outreach, we mean that for every order we will search and find relevant websites and reach out to the website owners. We do not use lists, databases or PBN's to furfull our orders.

We accept almost every niche, except adult and some other sketchy ones (male enhancement etc). If you are in doubt if your niche falls under this, please contact us before ordering.

We do not refund orders. Every order is final. However, if you ask for a refund before we start processing the order we can work things out.

We will get your links live within one month. The first month, however, it can take a bit longer.

Unfortunately, we don't have control over the guest posts' website content schedule. This means that some links take longer to process.

You can for an additional fee of $35(per link). We will discuss the content subject and send the content to you for approval.

With ordering this addition, it is possible that fulfilling orders take a bit longer.

Yes we do, if your links do not have the metrics you orders, we will refund your order in full.

Yes, we only work with native English writers. This to ensure that your content is of the highest quality.

Content ideation we do in-house. For content writing, we use different suppliers/writers. This ensures that the person that writes your content actually knows about your subject/niche. This also helps with delivering quality.

We extensively quality-check the websites we build links on. You can read about our quality-checking process here

Outreach is the act of contacting organizations with a website to request a backlink pointing to your site. This is the most white-hat link building method there is today.

DFY Links – One-Time Payment

Not interested in our monthly link-building plan? We offer high-quality backlinks with a one time payment. These will help you rank without the monthly recurring fee.

Guest Posts

Guest Post Links

High-quality authority guest posts, written by native writers.

DR25 starts at $125 per link. This link will be placed on a real website, acquired by outreach experts, and optimized by a real SEO. Niche relevant. Click Here

Niche Edit Links

Authority Niche Edit Links.

DR25 starts at $100. The link will be placed on real websites, acquired by genuine outreach experts. The will link will be niche relevant and will help you improve your rankings. Click here

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