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N10 Package

We have one package, making it simple and understandable and suitable for most clients. We can, of course, make a custom package suitable for your needs. Yes, you have seen it right. There is no pay or order now button. Because we want to retain our high quality, we can only select 2 new clients monthly. Just contact us and fill out our questionnaire.

Number 10

Number 10 stands for the number of backlinks we will build for you monthly. These are high-quality in-content links we acquire through different tactics.

Bespoke Strategy

Every website is different. That’s why we build a bespoke outreach strategy for every website to acquire the links for you that you need to improve your rankings.

Reporting Dashboard

We will set up a personal reporting dashboard. You can use this to keep track of your site performances in the SERPS, and we use this to report the links we have built.

Lost Link Reclamation

Several times a month, we check if you have lost quality backlinks. We will try to get these links back when these links hold authority. When there are no costs, it won’t count as one of the Number 10 links.

Unlinked Brand Mentions

With the growth of your website, more people will write about and use your brand name in their content. We will actively reach out to these websites and ask for a link.

Content Ideation

We help you with ideation for linkable assets and other content for your website. Linkable assets provide value to your audiences and thus are easier to acquire links for. For developing this content, we charge an extra fee.


You can ask us anything about SEO, and we will do our best to help you. When we notice something that can be improved on your website, we will tell you and help you manage this.

DR50 Guarantee

We are so confident and proud of our service that we guarantee that the average of our links is at least DR50. This ensures you we build links that will make a difference.

We will keep on building links until we reach this number.

~Unlinked brand mentions and lost link reclamations not included~ DA or DR50 average.


$2500 per month. ex VAT.

This includes all the costs for link building. Placements and content creation(for placements sites). Every extra link you need a month adds $250.

Let’s Start Ranking.

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Links that will actually improve your rankings.