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Case Study – How We Build Over 40 Links With The Link Intersect Tactic

In this case study, we will discuss how we have built over 40 links(and counting) for a marketing agency, with the link intersect tactic


  • Average DR56
  • Highest DR83
  • Lowest DR28 (niche specific)
  • From 109 to 3300 visitors in 3 months.
  • 380% increase in ranking terms.

We have built over 40 links with a DR56 average. The lowest link we acquired was a niche-specific DR28 backlink and the highest was a DR82 backlink.

The customer’s website went from almost no visitors in June to 3.300+ visitors three months later. The ranking search terms increased by an astonishing 380%

What Is A Link Intersect?

A link intersect is discovering the websites that link to your competitors but not to you. You can do this with industry competitors or with keyword-level competitors.

It’s advised to start with industry competitors because this tactic can also show you the niche and local directories they are listed on. This can save a tremendous amount of time discovering and researching these specific directories.

In this case study, we used the link intersect for keyword-level competitors. This gave us an almost endless supply of link targets. This is because you do a link intersect for every keyword you are trying to rank for.

How Do You Do A Link Intersect?

Luckily it is not that hard. All the big SEO tools providers have a special link intersection tool and it’s nothing more than just adding the sites you want to compare yours with.

This screenshot is from MozPro, but Ahrefs and SemRush have similar tools, and they are all easy to use.

So how do you pick the websites you want to do a comparison with? For keyword-level competitors type in the keyword you want to rank for and then copy/paste the links of the top 3 to 5 results.


Now that you have a list of possible link targets, you can start with prospecting.

Visit every link, and discover if you want a link from this website. Do a proper quality check, because also the top rankers have low-quality incoming links. You don’t want these, because you want to build a better quality link profile than your competitors.


When you want to try to acquire a link from a link target, you should send the owner an email. You can do this by filling out the contact form or getting their email address. Most of the time it is written on their website. Try the contact us and about us pages, or look in the header or footer.

You can look up the whois information if no email is listed or use a service like hunter.io

You can use your normal outreach email template, asking for a guest post. When they don’t reply, go for a follow-up or ask for a link insertion from another email account.


Link intersect with your competitors is a great way to get a fast amount of link targets in a short time. You know Google loves these links because otherwise, your competitors weren’t ranking on top. But please make sure you do your quality checks before acquiring a link.

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