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Google Search Operators For Guest Posts Placements

Google is a great place to search for guest post placements. In this article, we will do our best to list all the Google Search Operators that can help you to find the best guest post opportunities.

We no longer advice to use these Google Search Operators to find guest post placements. Link farmers have found out about this tactic, so the chances are you won’t find many(or any) authority backlinks.

However if you find a quality website that has a “write for us” page. You should add your link/guest post if possible. A lot of quality sites still have a write for us page. You should only use normal keywords to find these sites.

If you have more Google Search Operators that should be on this list, please feel free to email us.

  1. become a contributor keyword
  2. become an author keyword
  3. contributing writer keyword
  4. guest article keyword
  5. guest author keyword
  6. guest author today keyword
  7. guest blogger keyword
  8. guest column keyword
  9. guest post by keyword
  10. guest post guidelines keyword
  11. guest post keyword
  12. guest post written by keyword
  13. intext:blog inurl:”submission-guidelines” keyword
  14. inurl:”become-a-contributor” keyword
  15. inurl:”contribute-guest-post” keyword
  16. inurl:”contribution-guidelines” keyword
  17. inurl:”editorial-guidelines” keyword
  18. inurl:”guest-blog-guidelines” keyword
  19. inurl:”guest-bloggers-wanted” keyword
  20. inurl:”guest-post-guidelines” keyword
  21. inurl:”guest-post” keyword
  22. inurl:”how-to-become-a-contributor” keyword
  23. inurl:”submit-article” keyword
  24. inurl:”submit-blog-post” keyword
  25. inurl:”submit-guest-post” keyword
  26. inurl:”write-4-us” keyword
  27. inurl:”write-for-us” keyword
  28. inurl:”write-for” keyword
  29. inurl:blog intitle:”write-for” keyword
  30. keyword intitle:”contribute to”
  31. keyword “accepting guest posts”
  32. keyword “become a contributor”
  33. keyword “become a guest blogger”
  34. keyword “become a guest writer”
  35. keyword “become an author”
  36. keyword “bloggers wanted”
  37. keyword “blogs that accept guest blogging”
  38. keyword “contribute to our site”
  39. keyword “contribute to this site”
  40. keyword “contribute to this site” inanchor:contact
  41. keyword “contribute”
  42. keyword “contributor guidelines”
  43. keyword “gdd guest post”
  44. keyword “guest article”
  45. keyword “guest blog”
  46. keyword “guest blogger”
  47. keyword “guest bloggers wanted”
  48. keyword “guest column”
  49. keyword “guest contributor”
  50. keyword “guest post by”
  51. keyword “guest post courtesy of”
  52. keyword “guest post guidelines”
  53. keyword “guest post opportunities”
  54. keyword “guest post”
  55. keyword “my guest posts”
  56. keyword “submit a guest article”
  57. keyword “submit a guest post”
  58. keyword “submit article”
  59. keyword “submit blog post”
  60. keyword “submit guest post”
  61. keyword “submit news”
  62. keyword “suggest a guest post”
  63. keyword “the following guest post”
  64. keyword “this guest post is from”
  65. keyword “this guest post was written”
  66. keyword “this is a guest article”
  67. keyword “want to write for”
  68. keyword “write for me”
  69. keyword “write for us”
  70. keyword “writers wanted” -inurl:jobs -job
  71. keyword “accepting guest posts”
  72. keyword “become a contributor”
  73. keyword “guest column”
  74. keyword “guest post by”
  75. keyword “guest post guidelines”
  76. keyword “guest post”
  77. keyword “submit a guest post”
  78. keyword become guest blogger
  79. keyword guest author
  80. keyword guest blogger wanted
  81. keyword guest post
  82. keyword intitle:”submit guest post”
  83. keyword intitle:”write for me”
  84. keyword intitle:”write for us”
  85. keyword intitle:”submit” + inurl:blog
  86. keyword intitle:”write for me”
  87. keyword intitle:”write for us”
  88. keyword inurl:/guest-post/
  89. keyword inurl:category/guest
  90. keyword inurl:guest-blogger -intitle:sites
  91. keyword inurl:guest-post -intitle:sites
  92. keyword inurl:guest-post-guidelines
  93. keyword inurl:guest-posts
  94. keyword inurl:tag/guest
  95. keyword inurl:write-for-us
  96. keyword submit guest post
  97. keyword submit your guest post
  98. keyword“guest article”
  99. keyword“guest author”
  100. the following guest post keyword
  101. this is a guest contribution keyword
  102. write for us keyword

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